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Killer Art with Ashley


Stars is one of my. newest creations giving that night galaxy star affect. I'm really excited to add this one to not only my in studio classes but also at home kit. Let me know your feedback below of what you think? Are you excited as much as I am?



I can't wait to do this one. Looks amazing!


I guess it is time for me to sign up for a new class.


I'll be there! Sign me up!


I'm so happy Allie told me to join your classes. She is such an angel. I can't wait to join this one. Night skies remind me of my late wife, Pam. 


Thank you, Bill! You know Angel is my nickname.  I'm happy I was able to help you find some joy and that I suggested you join Ashley's classes. 


Yes! Finally I was hoping we would do another Starry Night one!! 

Breaking News:

Tragedy Strikes High Cliff Park


In a shocking turn of events, an unidentified woman was found dead at the bottom of a cliff at High Cliff Park. According to authorities, it appears that she fell from the cliff and was found clutching a ruby silver necklace.


However, evidence at the scene has led authorities to believe that the woman was pushed. The victim's car was found in the park's parking lot, and among her belongings were items that suggest she had recently left Anthony's Italian restaurant.


Authorities are currently searching for any leads to help identify the victim and bring her killer to justice. The police have launched a full-scale investigation and are analyzing the victim's personal belongings found at the scene. The ruby silver necklace found with the victim is treated as crucial evidence in the case.


The park has been closed to the public as the authorities continue their investigation.

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