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Killer Art with Ashley


I have always been drawn to the beauty and mystery of the night sky. Starry nights have a unique magic that has captured my imagination and inspired me to create something unique. This is why I have decided to paint a colorful starry night canvas.                                                                                  3:00 and 34:00



I can't wait to do this one. Looks amazing!


I guess it is time for me to sign up for a new class.


I'll be there! Sign me up!


I'm so happy Allie told me to join your classes. She is such an angel. I can't wait to join this one. Night skies remind me of my late wife, Pam. 


Thank you, Bill! You know, Angel is my nickname.  I'm happy I was able to help you find some joy and that I suggested you join Ashley's classes. 


Yes! Finally I was hoping we would do another Starry Night one!! 

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