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Important Tips


Where To Start & The Essentials

Start Your Investigation:  Welcome to your thrilling journey at Ravenwood Manor! Kickstart your investigation with our introductory postcard, providing essential information to guide you through the unfolding mystery.

Step Into The Attic:  Embark on your quest by opening the attic door on the left. This is where your adventure into the unknown begins, filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Daily Updates & Corrections:  We pride ourselves on crafting each game with meticulous attention to detail. However, being a team of dedicated humans, sometimes we might miss a step or two in the complexity of our handcrafted advent calendar. We appreciate your understanding and patience.  To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, regularly check your Daily Guide. This section will provide you with a list of daily items, clues, and any necessary corrections or updates that we have detected. Staying informed is key to solving the mystery of Ravenwood Manor!

Ciphers:  As you delve deeper into the enigma of Ravenwood Manor, you'll encounter days filled with intriguing coded messages. Deciphering these codes is crucial to unraveling the mystery. If you're new to the world of ciphers, don't worry! We've got you covered. Visit our dedicated resource using the link below (Cipher Tips) for easy-to-follow tips and tricks. These guidelines will help you identify and solve different types of ciphers with ease.   Keep an eye out! We've strategically placed clues throughout your journey to assist you in identifying and cracking the ciphers. These hints are your key to unlocking the secrets hidden within the walls of Ravenwood Manor.

We love hiding things: If you've played our games before, you know we like to add hidden clues and surprises. 

Tech Necessities: A tablet or phone will be needed for audio, web content, emails, and more.

Daily Guide

  • Inventory
    Invitation to the Ravenwood Holiday Soiree Letter to the detectives
  • Error Notice
    A very small handful of invitations left our shop without the RSVP address on the invitation. RSVP TO VICTORIA VRAVENWOOD1209@GMAIL.COM
  • Invitation - Hint 1
    Send an email to RSVP to the event.
  • Invitation - Hint 2
    Angela has hinted in her correspondence about the variety of ciphers that will challenge you in the days ahead. Look closely: the invitation in your hands holds one such cipher, a puzzle waiting to be solved. Decipher its secrets and advance closer to uncovering the mystery.
  • Invitation - Hint 3
    The cipher on the invitation is a NUL cipher.
  • Invitation - Solution
  • Angela's Email
    Hello! I never expected to receive an email regarding Victoria, especially from someone like you! She would have been thrilled to know you're determined to help solve her murder. Let me introduce myself. I'm Angela, a close friend of Victoria's for as long as I can remember. Her murder has left me devastated, and I know my life will never be the same again. Victoria entrusted me with her passwords, granting access to her email accounts, shortly before her death. Since then, I've been on a quest for answers, determined to find out who could have taken my best friend from us. I'm driven by the need for justice, and that's why I'm here. You should know that Victoria, her father, and even Patricia had a knack for coding. Their favorite was the Nul cipher, and they often used book and keyword ciphers. Trust me; it can be quite frustrating when you stumble upon their cryptic messages unexpectedly. Regarding the suspects in Victoria's case, it's an unusual mix. Yes, I'm a suspect, but you can quickly rule me out. I have nothing to gain from her death, and you'll see that as you delve into the investigation. The rest of them... Well, I barely knew most of them. However, I've grown particularly close to Beth Everly lately. We've bonded over shared experiences, even celebrating my birthday together on November 1st. We had a fantastic time at at Jillian's Bakery for breakfast, Harvest Haven Indoor Autumn Bazaar for afternoon shopping , and dinner at Marco's Bar and Grill. Typically, Victoria and I would celebrate my birthday together, but her father's recent passing has kept her occupied. That's all I have for now, but I have your email address, and I promise to keep you updated if anything new arises. Take care, Angela
  • Inventory
    Letter to detective Six suspect statements Photo of the victim and six suspects In the event a detective reports a missing item in there calendar we will add a file in each inventory item.
  • Statements and Photos
    Delve into the backgrounds of the suspects and the victim to uncover potential motives. Each photograph is a window into their stories—make sure to turn them over and read the information on the back. The details you discover there could be pivotal in discerning who may have had the reason to commit the crime.
  • Possible Error Notice
    The original print of photos included the suspect's information on the back. Maxwell's photo states he has grown children; however, his children are young and still living in the home.
  • Inventory
    4 photos of the crime scene Puzzle of the crime scene
  • Crime Scene Puzzle Solution
    Here is the crime scene puzzle
  • Inventory
    Newspaper article Memorial card Lotion Tag
  • Memorial Card - Hint 1
    The memorial card contains a cipher; the cipher type is referenced in Angela's email.
  • Memorial Card - Hint 2
    The cipher is a book cipher. To learn how to decode a book cipher, see
  • Memorial Card - Solution
    Today's decoded message reveals a chilling warning: "You must stop; she knows." This cryptic statement adds a new layer of intrigue to the mystery unfolding at Ravenwood Manor. Handwriting Analysis: To gain further insight into who might be behind these secretive messages, closely examine the handwriting styles in the suspect statements you've collected over the past days. Comparing these writing samples could be key in identifying the sender. Pay attention to nuances in the script - these subtle differences might just lead you to the truth hidden within the walls of the manor.
  • Inventory
    Compact mirror Business card
  • Error Notice
    We've discovered that some of our calendars were dispatched with an error on the business card. After you decode the message, please refer to the provided solution to verify the accuracy of the message. This step ensures that you have the correct information to continue your sleuthing journey.
  • Business Card - Hint 1
    The compact is the key to decoding the business card.
  • Business Card - Hint 2
    The message on the business card is a mirror image of text, cleverly reversed to conceal its true meaning. To reveal the hidden message, hold the card up to a mirror. The reflection will unveil the words meant to guide you further in your investigation.
  • Business Card - Solution
    Before the correction, the message incorrectly instructed: "The password is my first initial and last initial of my name, followed by the numerical day of the month I was born." The accurate instruction should read: "The password is composed of your father's initials coupled with the numerical day he was born." We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your understanding.
  • QR Code Password - Hint
    Work through decoding the business card. Victoria’s father’s name is Charles Ravenwood, and his birthday is found on the memorial card.
  • QR Code Password - Solution
  • Inventory
    Ornament Tag Newspaper article
  • Ornament - Hint 1
    Angela has left a note indicating her knowledge of Victoria's fondness for enigmas, hinting that this ornament is more than a mere decorative piece. It is safe to infer that the ornament conceals a puzzle waiting to be solved by an astute mind like Victoria’s.
  • Ornament - Hint 2
    Remove the back of the ornament to find a letter from Angela.
  • Ornament Solution
  • Inventory
    Five pages of journal entries Two jingle Bells
  • Coded Journal Entry - Hint 1
    The jingle bells are the key to decoding Victoria’s final entry.
  • Coded Journal Entry - Hint 2
    The type of cipher Victoria uses is referenced in Angela's email.
  • Coded Journal Entry - Hint 3
    The cipher is a keyword cipher. For help, check out the website.
  • Coded Journal Entry - Solution
    A sibling, why would my father not want me to know? Why did my father keep this secret from me? Could this revelation tarnish our family name? And a far more distressing question emerges—was my father entangled in an affair during my mother's lifetime?
  • Inventory
    House for sale Christmas card Magnet of family
  • Christmas Card
    The Christmas card from Maxwell Carter's wife reveals her knowledge of an affair. This revelation raises a crucial question: Could this be a motive for Maxwell wanting her silenced?
  • Inventory
    Pill bottle Key chain Grow Fertility Ad
  • Key Chain - Hint
    Today's evidence may not present an immediate puzzle to solve, but it offers a significant insight into Colonel Dawson's background. His esteemed position in the Signal Corps suggests specialized skills and abilities that were honed during his time as a soldier. Grasping the nature of these talents is vital, as they could provide key insights into his capabilities and how they might tie into the unfolding mystery.
  • Key Chain - Solution
    Having served in the Signal Corps, Colonel Dawson would have acquired a unique set of skills such as various forms of communication, including Morse code, radio operation, and perhaps even cryptographic techniques for encoding and decoding messages. This information may be helpful during your investigation.
  • Inventory
    Candle Letter
  • Candle - Hint
    Light the candle and as the wax melts away, be prepared to uncover the secrets it has been keeping. This revelation could be the key to connecting the dots in your investigation.
  • Candle - Solution
    Upon lighting the candle, a clandestine message slowly emerges from the melting wax: "Don't trust Maxwell, he is embezzling from the company. I have proof. Once you agree to my request, I will share it with you." This piece of evidence ties directly to Patricia, as the handwriting unmistakably matches that of her letter and the statements made by the suspects. This revelation not only casts a shadow of suspicion over Maxwell but also positions Patricia as a key figure holding significant information.
  • Inventory
    Tin (candy) Three of hearts playing card
  • Tin - Hint 1
    Your search takes you to a seemingly ordinary tin. But look closer—beyond its apparent simplicity lies a concealed surprise. While the tin may tempt you with a piece of candy, it's the lid that holds the real secret. Inspect it carefully; this overlooked part might just be harboring the clue you need to advance in your quest at Ravenwood Manor.
  • Tin - Hint 2
    Direct your focus towards the tin's lid once more. Delve beneath the white foam nestled within—it's here that a crucial item is discreetly hidden.
  • Tin - Solution
    With the discovery of the red coin hidden under the white foam in the tin's lid, a new aspect of the mystery comes into play. Now, turn your attention to the 3 of Hearts card. This card, when interacted with the red coin, reveals a secret message.
  • 3 Of Hearts - Solution
    Using the red coin you can reveal the following message
  • 3 Of Hearts Solution - Hint 1
    The card itself holds the key to decode the message.
  • 3 Of Hearts Solution - Hint 2
    The type of cipher is a Caeser cipher. To learn how to decode this type of cipher check out the
  • 3 Of Hearts Solution - Decoded
    Using the 3 to shift the text:
  • Website - Hint 1
    Look to day three to learn the password hint.
  • Website - Solution
  • Inventory
    Three pages of diary entries Photo of cassette (QR code on the back) Photo of envelope
  • Tape Recorder Photo
    Use the QR code on the back of the photo to listen to an important message from Charles Ravenwood. Here is the direct link in case you need it.
  • Envelope Photo - Large size for viewing
  • Envelope Photo - Hint 1
    To decode the envelope consider where the envelope was taken from.
  • Envelope Photo - Hint 2
    Consider the origin of the envelope – it was retrieved from Robert Dawson's office. Given Colonel Dawson's military background in the Signal Corps, it's plausible that someone would choose to communicate with him using a method familiar to his expertise: Morse code. Keep this in mind as you examine the envelope; the key to deciphering its secrets may lie in translating a coded message.
  • Envelope Photo - Hint 3
    The first letter on the envelope is an M.
  • Envelope Photo - Solution
    My Daughter is Everly
  • Inventory
    Three pages of diary entries Letter from Patricia
  • Inventory
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