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Killer Art with Ashley

Crimson Park


Before you get started, please refer to the email from for important information and links. If you did not receive the email, click here. 


With AKA



Your first high-priority undercover case is on its way or just arrived at your doorstep! This case is critical and has been dispatched directly from Ashley's Art Studio.

Ashley, the owner and artist of A Killer Art With Ashley, has gone missing under suspicious circumstances. We strongly believe that foul play is involved within her own company and urgently require your assistance. You are tasked with going undercover and posing as one of her students to uncover the truth behind her
disappearance. Your identity is classified to assure your safety while undercover.


To assist you in your mission, we have created a dedicated website to serve as your centralized hub for all your undercover resources and information. The passcode for this case is included below and is not available in your art kit, so it's imperative that you save this email for future reference. The website contains all the information and resources you'll need to crack the case, including any links to our clients' websites. Consider it your virtual detective briefcase.


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