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Solstice Celestial Elixirs

Sparkling Wine

Solstice Celestial Elixirs specializes in sourcing all rare, boutique grower champagnes from all over the world. We are proud to share these farmer’s market style bubbles and wine, which have a quality you can both taste and feel. All the fun without the headache!

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This Year's Fast Sellers.

We sold out the first week of May at the Louis pop-up market.  $124.00

We sold out the Haven spring Festival .  $250.00

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We sold out at the Flower Bazar.  $175.00

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We sold out the first day at Harvest Haven Indoor Autumn Bazaar.  $155.00

Highlighted Champagne

You can find it on New Year's at the New Year's City Block Party. $245.00

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